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Professional Bahasa Indonesian Translation


How Can I Get Reliable and Accurate Bahasa Indonesian Translation Services?

  • With a dedicated and qualified team of our highly skilled professional native bilingual translators, editors and proofreaders, We can translate your documents from or to the Bahasa Indonesian market
  • You shall provide all the necessary supporting materials to make the translation more precise.
  • Our quality analysis is under good quality control. Long-term partnership always saves your time, energy and money. 


What Bahasa Indonesian Translation Solutions Can I Get?

What If My Jobs are Professional Bahasa Indonesian Translation?

We cover many professional fields and provide industry solutions.

  • Certificate
  • Legal and Finance
  • Medical
  • Patent
  • Automotive 
  • Electronics 
  • Enterprise Management (ERP, CRM, SCM) 
  • eBusiness
  • IT, Network, and Telecommunication 
  • ...


What File Types I Should Deliver for Bahasa Indonesian Translation?

Possessing the necessary application, knowledge and skills, we are able to work on a wide range of file types including 

  • Frame Maker,
  • PageMaker,
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint...)
  • Indesign
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • ...

Please consult if your file types are not listed, actually we accept scanned files and handwriting files too.

What If I need Bahasa Indonesian Typesetting for My Translation?

Dorry worry, our DTP specialists (typesetters) can work with multilingual languages to format your translated document.

You can get PS/PDF/EPS files (or other) that are ready for printing or publishing. 

Don't forget to tell us you need this service in the inquiry.

What Languages I May Translate?

We have experienced Bahasa Indonesian translators for dozens of languages:

Our advantages:  


Is My Bahasa Indonesian Translation Safe?

TaoHai Global Translation Service takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.

We are ready to sign NDA (non-disclosure Agreement) with You if needed.

How to Order Taohai Bahasa Indonesian Translation Services?

  • Fill out the Online Quote Form, or send an email with your requirements and necessary source files.
  • Get a quote from us with price, delivery, payment details or further questions. (normally within 2 hours in working hours, call us if it's urgent)
  • Confirm the PO by email or fax. Pay upfront if specified in the PO.
  • Get the reliable service, Pay and Feedback 
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